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Life Greens is one of the best  "supergreen" alkalising products available, in terms of taste, range and quality of ingredients, and price.

Our product costs much less than the price of Inner Light Supergreens, the market leader, and, while strongly alkalising, contains much more health-promoting ingredients than just green grasses. Selling directly, without the multiple commission levels of a multi-level marketing company, we can afford to charge less for more.


Alkalising for health

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of maintaining vibrant health is alkalising -- raising your pH to the narrow zone it's always seeking -- and when you do this through a supergreen powder, you get the same benefits as if you were taking large quantities of vegetables and expensive vitamin supplements (except that, unlike the vitamin supplements, they are not synthetic).

Drinking powdered supergreen juices has exploded in recent years as the practice of alkalising and raw food gain increasing publicity and celebrity endorsements.

Green Leaf Close UpAlkalising really took off after Dr. Robert O. Young developed his Supergreen blended green grass powder and wrote a series of best-selling books and cd's, starting with "Sick and Tired", and  "The pH Miracle". The alkalising cleanse was quickly seen as one of the few reliable, and safe, forms of de-tox and weight loss. 


Alkalizing for Weight Maintenance



An alkalyzing cleanse is usually free of the starvation feelings of many diets, and a key reason alkalising outlasted the typical short-lived diet fads was its effects on overall health. Many now use it as a form of daily health and weight maintenance.



Great value for money

Value for MoneyAll you need to start is some powdered greens. Ours cost £80 for two 270gm tubs, and contain much more than a standard supergreens powder. This should last you two months at one serving per day (unless you want to alkalise more strongly).

Compare that with how much it would cost you to alkalise by just buying fresh vegetables. Not only would it  be very difficult to consume anything like these levels of alkaline nutrients (we're talking about the equivalent of many pounds of vegetables every day) but the cost would be very high. One serving of a drink made from our supergreen powders is equivalent to eating five cups of organic vegetables!

Our product approach, after starting out as an Inner Light distributor, and then trying out several other brands, has been to choose one of the best combinations of taste, particle-fineness (smoothness), range of ingredients, and price, and to sell it at one of the best deals on the U.K. market.

If you want to save even more money, buy several months supply at a time. Four tubs cost £144 + £8 postage. Eight tubs cost £256 + £10 postage.


Some alkalising effects are seen quickly ...

Slim WaisJust a few days after you start drinking your daily greens (especially if you're also cutting out acidifying foods), you'll start noticing effects which build over time.

Smoother Skin

Unfortunately, if your body is highly acidic to begin with, this could involve feeling awful for a day or two as your body starts a rapid de-tox (which is why we recommend a gradual build-up in the first week). You should soon be pleased enough with the other effects that a little discomfort at the start is soon forgotten.


While others take longer ...

Mother and BabyThese effects may be just the tip of the iceberg. Once you examine the role of chlorophyll and pH balance, it's clear that the results from consuming daily supergreens can be very broad.

In the face of an over-burdened health care sector and a wave of lifestyle diseases, we are all being told to consume fewer calories, particularly from refined carbohydrates, and consume more green vegetables and fruit. Alkalising is one simple way of improving your odds of a long, healthy life.


The power of chlorophyllLeaf and Raindrop

Chlorophyll is a key building block of life on Earth, and a central component of all greens and grasses, a true superfood. Its molecular structure is almost identical to the main ingredient of blood, hemoglobin, (its central atom is magnesium rather than iron) and it performs many of the same functions when ingested.

Chlorophyll has powerful anti-oxident properties and a recent study confirmed previous studies finding that people with high intake of fruits and vegetables, but especially vegetables, had much higher protection from oxidative damage, stress and cognitive decline. Several studies have found there are great benefits from consuming antioxidants, but only when consumed in food. Antixoidant supplements are far less effective.

Our ingredients are organic, and dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cell salts, trace minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants.


... and pH balance

Live Blood MicroscopyLive-blood analysis confirms the effects that alkalising has on you internally, and it is clear that the body is constantly striving to maintain its pH within a narrow range.

Red Blood CellsOur modern lifestyles seem to pre-dispose us to developing a lower (more acidic) pH. And nany negative effects have been observed from the body's efforts to buffer an acidic state from its reserves of alkaline minerals such calcium and magnesium.

Drinking supergreens every day is not going to address this balance on its own if you continue to eat an acidifying diet, but if you adjust your diet and add on the supergreens, you have a recipe for a far more balanced pH.


With a simple lifestyle addition

Supergreens and Berries SmoothieIt would be false to say that alkalising doesn't involve some modification to your lifestyle, but it can be as superficial or serious as you want -- you'll still receive benefits at whatever level you approach it, even if it's just adding a lot more chlorophyll to your diet and buffering what is still a fairly acidifying diet. You can do this with the simple addition of one daily green drink or smoothie (replacing breakfast is the easiest first step). Take a look at the Recipes section and you'll see that this doesn't have to be at the expense of your taste buds.

If you want to approach it more seriously, then you need to take several steps: drink at least two litres of supergreens per day. preferably replace at least one meal with a supergreens-based smoothie, and cut out the most acifying foods from your diet.

Whichever approach you take, it will start to educate your palate towards more alkalinity, making it easier to pursue a more seriously alkaline diet later, and benefiting your health for decades to come.

To your health,



PLEASE NOTE: I retired from supplying Life Greens and other alkalising products in 2018. This in no way reflects my belief in the value of alkalising or the Life Greens product, so this website continues as a possible inspiration to others who might benefit from it. For me, this is a personal choice as I focus on running The Life Mat Company using what has become my main therapy, PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields.

Paul Lowe